KW Iron Man is a local cosplayer who cosplays as Iron Man. KW Iron Man’s daughter wanted to dress up as her own version of Iron Man so her father made her her very own Iron Man costume.

I was speaking with him about his daughter’s costume this weekend, and he told me how she had control over the creative process. She told her dad she wanted a pink and purple outfit. She told her dad that she wanted hearts and where she wanted the hearts. She told her dad that she wanted streamers. And her dad did his best to give her what she wanted.

I had the pleasure of working with them backstage at CostumeCon earlier this year where they went on stage together, and I got to tell you, this little girl was so happy to be there wearing her custom-made armour!

I love this costume so much. Seeing her run around ‘blasting bad guys’ was brilliant.

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